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July 28, 2011



Do you have some of their pictures posted? - tried clicking some links but couldn't find any - and I'd love to see a smattering of them.

Leigh Shulman

Hey Leigh,

Most of the photos I've put online are posted on our Facebook page.

There are also a few on the Cloudhead website.

I'm thinking of starting to publish a photo of the week soon, though. At the moment, we're just going through the thousands of photos the kids have taken and decide which will be for exhibition and which will go online.

And also, photos of the exhibition coming soon!

Cornelius Aesop

I got to get on donating my camera. What about memory cards, I think I have one or two cameras but no memory cards, would that be OK?

Leigh Shulman

That would be MORE than ok! Thank you so much.

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