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July 11, 2011



I love that this is making the rounds now - it makes blogs in longer standing so much more accessible for new or casual readers. I have been a (mostly silent, non-commenting) Matador reader for a few years now, but the birthday post was the first thing I ever read on your blog. I'm not sure how exactly I came upon it, but the second I got to that one on this list I had an "Oh, I remember that!" moment.


I still love the post you wrote about your dog, it really touched me at a moment that I needed it.

Leigh Shulman

Thanks for sharing that, Nicole. It's cool to hear there are people who have been dropping by here since early on.

Your comment made me smile. Thanks!

Leigh Shulman

Seems that post really did get you just at the right time. And I guess while it's about my dog, it's not really about the dog.

I wish we'd had more chance to hang out when you were in Salta. Would have been nice to hear about your travels first hand. But the timing just wasn't quite right.

Another time!


Hi Leigh! I actually just found your blog on the list of Barnard Alum blogs. I graduated from Barnard this May, and I just moved to France to work (and I'm blogging about it as I go). Your blog is really inspiring, and your reflections on your experiences, and the ups and downs of blogging in this post in particular, very interesting. Glad I found you...feeling a little glow of Barnard pride now!

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