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June 29, 2011



I love you very much and all these songs remind me of our amazing voyage together. I hope we are able to come up with at least another 100 songs. Besos baby. Xoxoxo

Leigh Shulman

And once again you surprise me. I didn't even let you know it was here. See you soon.


I feel like I'm eavesdropping on your life. And coming up on sixteen years with my husband, all I can say is that this is so beautiful, and boy did you capture it. Tears in my eyes. :)

Leigh Shulman

Thanks, Susanna. I'm so glad you like it and relate to it.

As for the whole eavesdropping thing. Yeah, blogging is a weird thing for personal lives.

When is your 16th?

Hal Amen

damn, nice tunes! congrats!


:) Very personal, and very beautiful. Sharing this type of thing is so hard for me- I applaud you, and congratulations on what sounds like a wonderful 16 years!

P.S. Will I see you at Burning Man this year? It will be my husband's first (and I hope not the last). I haven't really been keeping up with anyone's blogs- kind of checked out of the daily updates, including Facebook- but this post caught my eye, and my heart.

Leigh Shulman

Thanks, Hal. All pretty much Noah's music taste with only a couple of mine. He's pretty old school. Add John Coltrane and you have the touchstones.

Leigh Shulman

Hey Alanna,

Thanks. I'm glad you like it. I'm always a bit iffy about sharing such personal stuff online, but I guess the more I do it, the less difficult it is. Or at least, the less I think about the fact that I'm sharing it and just think about the writing it.

If that makes any sense.

Yes, we're going this year. Noah, too. Looking forward to see you. Any idea where you're camping?


What can I say? If you don't mind I will come up with 8 more songs that remind me of our life together and post them on your blog. How does that sound?


I love this in so many ways - what could be a better anniversary gift than a "mix tape" full of memories? Beautiful.

Account Deleted

What a beautiful idea. Also, it sounds like Lila has superb taste in music already. Congratulations on sixteen years!

Leigh Shulman

Thanks, Claiborne. Sometimes it feels like there's so much else going on that it's easy to pass an anniversary without thinking much about it. I guess a blog is a good way to keep that from happening.

Leigh Shulman

Awww... now I'm a blushing proud parent! We realized early that if we played things like the Wiggles, we'd go insane. So Dylan, Cash and the occasional samba it must be.

Christine Garvin

Love, love, love it.

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