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January 04, 2011


Peter Shankman

Gotta tell you, you guys are amazing.


Whenever I'm most frustrated I always try to remind myself - at least I'm not bored! It works, sometimes.


Sound like quite an adventure! Remember to keep breathing LOL.

Leigh Shulman

Thanks for that vote of confidence, Mr. Shankman. I suppose I'm also lucky to have a lot of people in my life who are always saying anything is possible, go for it, you can do it. ;)

Leigh Shulman

Hehe. So true. And I can say without a doubt that I am most definitely not bored.

Leigh Shulman

Always an adventure it seems, even when we're trying to make things more mellow. It must be what we want because we keep finding ourselves here in adventure-land.

And yes, breathing. Great advice.

(Btw, I see you'll be headed back to Argentina later this year. Maybe we can meet up somewhere? I'd love an excuse to visit BsAs.)


hey! I think you are the YBM mom! Regardless, we are going to be in BA late June/early July and are wanting to make a 1-2 day trip somewhere- if it is Salta or somewhere else, any advice is appreciated!! While i don't speak Spanish (yet!) it's my dream, and perhaps doable (dh's job can be done abroad) but teenage dd is the issue w/school. would love to hear any info you have! Vague stuff I know, but if you have time-to chat, let me know!

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