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August 24, 2010


MaryAnne Oxendale

Welcome back! You were missed!


Burning Man: Sounds interesting. And a wee bit odd (the name, at least). Look forward to reading about it. Have heaps of fun.


Have a great time at Burning Man!! Welcome back! :)


Leigh! I am SO EXCITED to hang out with you next week! I'll send good thoughts your way to get you through the rough spots.


Yay! So glad to see a new post from you. Enjoy your time at Burning Man. After your post last year, it's something that I want to go do someday.


Leigh!!!!!!!!! Come back to us!!!!!!!!!


I loved the last sentence: "And while we now seem to have a sense of stability we haven't had since we left New York, I feel like now is a time of amazing change."

I am really excited to see how this unfolds over the next year with new and different projects. Congrats on the successful start of the education project and have a great and inspirational time at Burning Man!


Glad to hear of the stability and amazing change! Really looking forward to hearing all about the new projects and happenings down there in Salta.

Always wishing you and the family, nothing but the best! Enjoy Burning Man!


hey future...how about a update? burning man pix?

Leigh Shulman

It was wonderful to finally meet you face to face. On the playa of all places. More soon.

Leigh Shulman

What I'm also learning is how stability isn't static at all and is often fraught with complications you don't have when moving. I think I'd forgotten that.

But getting it all together, in my own time. And will hopefully be back to blogging soon. In some way.

Thanks for your always supportive words!

Leigh Shulman

The same to you!! All good things.

Leigh Shulman

Yes, I've been a bit in hiding. So much going on, but I will post again soon enough. I've just needed a break from blogging.

Thing about Burning Man pix... I took almost none. I didn't want to walk around with a camera documenting things. So I just kind of did whatever I wanted to do.

I do have a couple of the Temple burning, though. And some friends who have offered to share their photos here. Coming soon(ish?)

And thanks for asking. Really. It means a lot to me.

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