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June 14, 2010



Thanks so much, I absolutely love this post! My dog is constantly teaching me lessons about balance, devotion and the simplicity of life.


Hah, love this! And SO true! I'm all too familiar with the push-pull person. Also, the world needs more Mani pictures.


Wow I so needed this post today. Thank you!

Leigh Shulman

Push pull is my nemesis. Not a fan.

I took a video of Mani recently. I'll post it soon. I think you're gonna like it.

Leigh Shulman

Absolutely. And it's so easy to just overlook what those who don't speak can teach us. (I know, they do talk, but it's easier to ignore if you want.)

Leigh Shulman

Glad it reached you when you needed it! And I'm curious to know what about it was timely for you, and why.

But that's just me being nosy.

ps Go! Bacon!


Being on the road just gives you time to reflect and I'm finally realizing that people treat me the way I allow them to treat me. Sounds so easy but a hard lesson to learn.

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Treating others good will get to you likewise.

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