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May 07, 2010



Beautiful photo! She looks great. I spent some time in France while in college but I only stayed in the North. I never visited the south. I would love to go back one day and explore southern France.


How cool she's a world traveller before she even starts elementary school.


great photo! i MUST try couch surfing one day!


Love that blue, blue sky and would love to hear more about the whole couchsurfing deal...have you ever had any problems with it? Did you know the family prior to your arrival?

Leigh Shulman

I was recently reading a book by Maya Frost called The Global Student in which she talks about all the things her kids have done while traveling and living abroad.

Like skiing in Patagonia. Kayaking in Panama. Seeing the Venus de Milo in Paris or Cezanne's mountain.

Candice, you and I have talked about how having one home in a close knit community can be so good for kids. I wonder how Lila's experiences will translate for her later in life.

Leigh Shulman

I love it. It's added a dimension to travel (and living as an expat) that I don't believe I could have found in any other way.

I'm working on a number of articles for this blog as well as Matador (and possibly others) to provide some pointers for those starting out.

Feel free to ask any questions.

Leigh Shulman

I didn't know Maryanick before arriving at her house, although we had e-mailed a bit. The main reason I felt comfortable with showing up like that was because of a reference she has on her profile from two long time surfers.

I didn't know them personally either, but I knew enough from their profile to know their experience with Maryanick was very positive.

Noah, Lila and I ended up surfing with that couple as well because of our shared connection with Maryanick.

Have I ever had any problems? No. A couple times, we've run into people who are rather odd, but never anything that went beyond eccentric. I've never had any security issues. Never been in an uncomfortable situation.

But that also has a lot to do, I think, with careful evaluation of profiles before meeting people. I'm working on a how-to article on that subject now.

And of course, any questions, just ask.

Leigh Shulman

Sometimes I feel that you can't really take a bad photo in France. Just as you can't have a bad glass of wine or a bad meal.

I loved it there, and also would love to go back to explore more.


Lots of info and quickly read; love that combination. Photo is beautiful, esp. the colour of Lila's dress against the Provencal landscape.

Michael Lynch

Darlin' of a scene and the best photo caption I've seen this year !


I'm very curious too! It's the exact opposite of how I was raised. I kinda feel like she's going to have a sort of confidence and self-assurance that a lot of kids don't get to experience. I hope she never takes it for granted.

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The picture of the Cezanne's mountain in Provence is so impressive and wonderful. The scenic beauty of the surroundings is really fascinating to see and explore.

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