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May 17, 2010



Love your rules, that pretty much sums it up for me. I live with my sister, who subscribes to all those home/lifestyle magazines where every month there are simple solutions to all of life's chaos. Except they're never that simple.
I laugh because reading those articles just stresses me out more. There's nothing that's real simple, except taking a nap, or chilling with my family. So I just try to remember to do a lot more of that.
p.s. hope you do find that article!


"3. That which doesn’t get done, probably didn’t need to be done in the first place."

Lol, that's definitely the most important rule.

And I can't help but giggle at the dog's refusal to poop outdoors.


Aah. So needed to read this today! Thank you.

Leigh Shulman

Those articles completely stress me out!

Have you ever seen the Fly Ladies? They have this list of methods for keeping yourself stress free and organized. I used to get their daily e-mail reminders of what to do, but they made me so nuts, I had to opt out of the listserv.

They also suggest getting fully dressed every day even if you work at home. And while I agree, too many days of the same sweatpants can be depressing, there's no way I'll be getting fully dressed every morning before waking Lila.

And I did find the article just a few minutes ago. For whatever reason, it was hidden. When I went to restart my computer, I suddenly got a message asking of I wanted to save it! Yay!

(Although, to be honest, I think I like my second version of the article a bit better anyway)

Leigh Shulman

I'm all about #3. When we left NY, we had a huge bag of Very Important Mail to go through but didn't have the chance.

When we got back a year later, only a few things in the pile needed attention (which mostly meant filing away somewhere for later). The rest we threw away.

And let me get this straight. You're giggling bc there's dog poop on my floor? ;)

Leigh Shulman

So glad this was timely. I think I repeat these to myself almost every day. Along with the word "Mellow!"


"3. That which doesn’t get done, probably didn’t need to be done in the first place."

Totally on point. Unnecessary tasks have a natural way of weeding themselves out of our lives; if we only let them go.

JR Riel

my heart sank for you when i got to the 2nd paragraph. it's good to hear you found it tho, i was actually wondering if you tried restarting, as mine will automatically prompt me to revive or re-whatever it if i shut it down without saving (which i do a lot.) i'm definitely revisiting this one as this is something i really need to come to terms with. and like others, i LOVE rule #3

Leigh Shulman

My heart also sank, especially since it was the second article I lost that day. (The other one happened because when i went to save on Wordpress, my connection went down and the entire thing just disappeared. Thankfully, I had the bulk of the text in Word).

But yes, when I restarted my computer, the first article reappeared and asked to be saved. Which I did, and will post parts of it -- some is too similar to this post -- another day.

Rule three works for me, but I also have to keep reminding myself of it.


Like others have said, this post is very timely. #1 has been a constant for us these last few years and while usually I'm at peace with this fact and try to tell myself that I'd prefer a life with too many ideas and projects than none, it can still feel overwhelming at times. With our current visit to the States, I'm feeling pulled in a lot of directions, but my first priority is to spend time with my family who are getting older. I have to keep reminding myself of #3 - the other things will get done somehow - but my time with my family is limited.

When Dan and I stayed with you, we were amazed at how you were able to juggle so much personal and professional stuff all at the same time. I am sorry to hear that Mani still hasn't figured out that he's supposed to poo outside instead of inside. One day...


"...proving exactly how fantastic Mr. Fox can be." Love it.

At least the dog didn't poop in your lap.


When I started reading this post I was afraid it would make me feel guilty about how messy and time-wasteful I am, but I was happy to find it wasn't that kind of post at all. Thanks for the affirmation!

Leigh Shulman

So true, Lola.

Same applies to old mail, I find.

Leigh Shulman

I'm glad from the outside it looks like I'm juggling things. Most of the time, it feels like triage.

I also find life speeds up when we get to the US. I chalk it up to the pace there. Everything just feels more busy, and I find it difficult to readjust. Then again, I have to learn to slow down again (which feels like a speeded up version of what most people live in Salta).

And yes, I also keep reminding myself that family time is limited, especially when you move far away, but it's also a good reminder for those people you see every day.

Mani... well... Let's put him under rule number 6.

Leigh Shulman

Lol, Linda. Truly. Would you believe it if I told you that's my daily mantra?

Leigh Shulman

I know, Marilyn. Sometimes I forget and my own title stresses me out. :)

Helen Cousins

Phew! Me too. I'm one of those people that other folk seem to think is terribly awfully organised. And in a way I am. But my office is chaotic and my multiple inboxes are indeed filing cabinets. Love this post - life happens and we can only work on the important stuff. The rest just can't all be perfect or under control.

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