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April 14, 2010



We used to have birds fly into our greenhouse at home. Some of the panes of glass were missing, and somehow they found it easy to get in, but really hard to get out. They'd go crazy trying to escape, repeatedly flying into the glass, stunning themselves. All we could do was open the door and hope. Sometimes they'd smack into the glass so often, they knock themselves out. We'd scoop them up and place them somewhere safe, next to a pot of water. Not really sure what else we could have done...

Charles Conlan

Leigh, Look's like a yellow finch.
Pretty bird indeed.

Trisha Miller

A good argument for not cleaning your windows - it's quite true that birds fly into clean windows significantly far more often than dirty ones. If we look hard enough, there's almost always a great excuse to avoid most housework. :)


Leigh....what I love the most is that you took note of the exhilirating feeling of that tiny creature leaving your hands and taking flight. Makes me think of how many really amazing litte experiences fill our days, if only we are tuned in enough to notice.

I know nothing about birds, but I'll ask my host sister in Salta. Maybe it's well known locally.


Hi you there,

I think that this bird is the one called in spanish Pitiayumi (Parula pitiayumi).

Here you have a link to see another picture of this bird and to try to have an idea if was it or not:


Bye, Horacio.

Michael Lynch

Here ya go http://www.birdforum.net/forum.php
Best site in the whole-wide world for ID on birds and lotsa other critters.
Just make sure you tell them the bird squinched down and you didn't squinch it. Some really serious birders (they call themselves).



I suppose renting Hitchcock's "The Birds"
isn't in your future

Classic movie, but it scared the hell out of me.

Hey I was only,,well I was young



I'm still getting over the fact that you said, "squinched". It's like finding another person who speaks my language.
My husband once caught a bird in the same way using a tea towel and he described it similarly. The sudden feeling that you are in total control over what happens to this tiny little life as he looks at you eye to eye and then, whooosh!


I think I'd take butterflies over birds any day. Funny how some people are also afraid of butterflies landing on them too. Anyhow, you got some pretty pictures and a great story.

Leigh Shulman

It is really beautiful. I can't believe it was looking right at me.

I think Horacio down below has the correct bird. I wonder, though, if it's related to the finch. The body type is so similar. Just the coloring is different.

Leigh Shulman

You know, I had you in mind when I wrote this. I had a feeling you would know. I wish you had been here to see it for yourself. I was standing so close to the little one.

Leigh Shulman

Thanks for the link, Mike. Great site. I love how between you and Horacio, there's a bit of a bird watchers resource going on here.

And if I had squinched the bird, I would have been seriously traumatized. No way I could have written about it.

Leigh Shulman

J. Hitchcock's Birds absolutely terrifies me. I have only seen it a couple times, and that was quite a while ago. But I still shudder when I think of that scene when they're leaving town and there are birds absolutely everywhere.

In a way, I'm the perfect audience for the movie, bc I'm already scared of the creatures. Less, so, though, after this.

Leigh Shulman

In the kitchen? Most definitely.

I've become accustomed to all sorts of animals and insects since moving into this place.

We went to a butterfly farm in Costa Rica when we were living in Panama. And yes, we saw plenty of people freaking out because of the butterflies. Yet those same people had no fear of feeding or petting the monkeys they had there. Even though, we were warned not to go near the monkeys because they're actually dangerous.

Leigh Shulman

So funny you say that. When I posted the butterfly photo, I thought to myself something along the lines of "Man, our windows look really quite filthy." But then I figured there's honesty in that. Because I don't really see myself cleaning the windows anytime soon.

Yes, and now you have given me the perfect reason why.

Leigh Shulman

I was actually amazed at how mellow this bird was. He went a bit crazy at first, but then got all calm.

I think we have to figure out how they're getting into the house. It's too many to be just a coincidence.

Leigh Shulman

That was most definitely the defining moment for me. Along with the weirdness of all the animals and birds that seem to find their way in our kitchen.

I'd love to know what your host sister has to say about the bird. Around here, almost everything has a story to it, as well.


"It's a Tweety Bird" - Sylvester the Cat.

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