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April 12, 2010



Isn't it amazing how profound personal change can happen in a relatively short time, especially compared to all those other similar timeframes in life?

Where was I 1000 days ago? I don't know the exact location but it would have been somewhere in Central Asia. I've been thinking back to this a lot today because of the recent events in Kyrgyzstan. Before we went to this region I had my fears and thought it could be dangerous for us. This is even though I had worked with this region (from afar) for over four years with a media organization. Our travels in Central Asia made me realize that the best way to challenge your assumptions about a country/region/culture is to go there and experience it for yourself. Relying on the media is not a good way to learn about a country and what life is like for regular people.

Instead of being dark and dangerous, Central Asia (and particularly Kyrgyzstan) was one of the regions where we were treated with incredible hospitality and kindness, often by people with very little. It really saddens me to see what's happening in Kyrgyzstan today. I also fear that many people may now put it into the "Mad Max" category of failed and dangerous countries and never give it a chance.


It is truly amazing how much thngs can change in 1000 days. I am glad we decided to take this jouney together.

Love. N


Excellent, insightful post. The power and mystery of memory are things that excite and occupy me. Damn, I hate euthanasia stories (sniffle).


A bit like time travelling this, the superpower I'd really love to have!

1000 days can seem like forever - or no time at all, or even life and death. Anne Boleyn was queen for 1000 days. Wouldn't it have been great to get her thoughts on it...

Leigh Shulman

Absolutely true. I just read your article in the Huffington Post about Kyrgyzstan. It makes me want to visit.

Leigh Shulman

Lol. Yep. I try to keep my euthanasia stories to a minimum, though.

And thank you! It was such a weird feeling to run into these old images.

Leigh Shulman

What a great way to look at it, too!

1000 days feels like forever ago. But I bet if I was still living in Brooklyn, it would feel shorter. Or if I was queen and on the chopping block... maybe longer?

Leigh Shulman

Me too.


Fantastic post Leigh!

It's always important to stop and take inventory of our lives at various milestones and be grateful for all the wonderful blessings we'd had.

1000 days ago, I was gearing up to go to Nigeria for awhile, I'd just broken up with my then boyfriend who is now my husband :)

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