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March 11, 2010



this is a beautiful piece!


I love it. Between your descriptions and David's of Patagonia, I just love it. Also, I'd totally send you maple syrup.


Can't wait to visit you guys. Salta sounds like a beautiful place with wonderful people.


Dang! Now I'm regretting not visiting Salta. I have now added maple syrup on my 'to do' list when I go back state-side. I totally forgot how tasty it is.

Charles Conlan

A better place than my place?
I can't believe it.

Leigh Shulman

Thanks, Christy. Glad we could spend some time here together. xoL

Leigh Shulman

Yeah, Argentina is pretty special. The first time we drove into Salta after an overnight bus trip, I looked out the window to see just green, green and more green leading up to the mountains and had this feeling of coming home.

As for sending us stuff. We life on a country route and I have no idea if mail would actually reach us. Christy (who commented above) is sending me something today. It's a test. We should know in about a month if it works.

Leigh Shulman

Can't wait until you visit also.

Right now, our couch (actually a bed) is open and waiting. Lots of room and space for Lyle too.

Leigh Shulman

It's impossible to see it all, right? Besides, you can always come back.

Now that you're onto other adventures in Korea. (I'm still chuckling over the bum-goosing statue -- those who want to know what I mean will have to visit Kyle's blog).

And yes, you never love a syrup as much as when you leave it.

Leigh Shulman

Charles. I literally just laughed out loud.
I can't speak for Montana, because I've never been. I guess I'll just have to come and see the state for myself.

Amy @ The Q Family

Now, I just have to add Salta to my long list of places I want to visit. :)

I agree that there will always be some pro and con in every places. I think it's up to us to look at the positive and make it work for us. Different people has different priority. I'm glad you have found your place and enjoy living there.


I love the idea of unlearning, Leigh, for you and Noah, and the idea that Lila won't have to unlearn at all....

Leigh Shulman

I love that! "Different people has different priority." Very well said.

I know what you mean about that long list of places to visit. Right now, we shuttle back and forth between Salta and Atlanta.

I hope our paths cross in one of them soon.

Leigh Shulman

That is indeed the hope, Julie.

It's one of the bigger reasons we left NY. It's a wonderful place, but for me, once we had a child, it just didn't fit anymore.


I could feel the love in this post. Salta sounds wonderful and I need to see if I can fit it in my travel plans this Oct/Nov. Maybe we could meet up!


Great post. It sounds like a lovely place and I'm looking forward to visiting. I love your blog - it seems like we are starting on a similar journey to you did a few years ago. We've left the UK to travel indefinitely and may or may not find another place to settle.


I just got back from a trip to Salta and Cafayate with my daughter and husband. We loved it! We live in the Atacama desert (Calama to be exact) so Salta really felt like a paradise to us. It is so green, the people are so friendly, it is so cheap, and the food is delicious. We were wondering if there was any way to get a visa to live there for a while. Salta is definitely one of my favorite cities in South America so far. It is very safe too. After living in Quito for 2 years, I have grown very paranoid, but in Salta, I felt very safe walking around at night. Is there a sizable expat community in Salta?


The image says a thousand words, so does your words. Salta sounds like a very special place. Hope to visit it and discover its beauty sometime.


wow.. thats incredible, i´m from Salta and i love read this type of comments from people that no live in salta, i think that my little state is a wonderful place when you have everything to do... of course with bad thing like every place but am proud to be salteño, THANKS SO MUCH FOR VISIT SALTA, and remember ALWAYS are stay with open arms for you. (sorry if my english is bad i dont speak good :P )

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