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March 03, 2010



You are too cute, Leigh.

I have a favorite back to school memory, but it's mainly my dad's for me to retell. Apparently when I started kindergarten, he took the morning off of work. He took pictures of me getting on the school bus, followed the bus to school and then took pictures of me getting off of the school bus.

Funny to think this is the same guy who encouraged me to go far away for college so that I could experience a new place. :)


My favorite back to school memory is my neighbor used to take pictures of us dressed up in our back-to-school finery in front of his house every year. When my sister got married, he made this montage of all of her pictures and gave it to her as a gift.

Found you via YBM, by the way ;)

Patti Woods

One of my most memorable first days of school was actually my senior year of high school. They had closed our high school at the end of my junior year, so I had to go to a new school for my senior year. I woke up that morning, got in my car and realized I had no idea where the new school was! Fortunately I saw someone I knew driving there so I just followed her!



Back to school stories, cookies, and the little cutie - love this post.

Leigh Shulman

Jennifer, that is such a great story. What a cool neighbor.

Ten years in NY, you tend not to have many neighbors of that sort.

Thanks for sharing this! And nice to meet you. I can only hope we don't end up flaming each other anonymously one day. :) (Nah, won't happen.)


I remember my first day of kindergarden. Hopped on the bus and barely looked at my mom as it pulled away. I was a very independent child..still am very independent.


Oh, my goodness-first grade?!? Really can't believe how long it has been since we've seen her. These little girls are such people now...

miss fae

Cookies? THere are cookies? That makes going back to school perfect

Leigh Shulman

I can totally see that. It's like you want to capture every second of those moments that show how your kids are growing up and gaining independence.

Leigh Shulman

Seems impossible to believe, doesn't it. Of course, it's a bit earlier than in the US, bc the school year here is different, but still.

It has been a long time since we've all seen each other. I think two years? There's a chance we'll be in NYC this July. Maybe we can figure out something for then.

monica from hola!design

on my first fay of kindergarten i was very shy but then I made a new friend ( his name was pepe) and minutes later we kissed!!! haha not so shy after all.
the Chocolate Orange Cardamom sound delicious!
[email protected]


Oh my god she is the cutest. And is that seriously the front area of your house? Because I'm moving in.

Leigh Shulman

That is too cute. Kids are so funny when it comes to stuff like that. There's a boy named Nicholas in her class that she calls her boyfriend. But apparently ALL the girls say the same thing.

What really gets me, though, is that everyone involved is totally fine with this arrangement.

Leigh Shulman

First, you always have an open invitation.

Second, if you moved in, we would never get anything done.


Honey lavender would be lovely!


Would love to try the chocolate orange cardamom!


You're probably right, but I make an excellent babysitter!

Leigh Shulman

Don't toy with me, Candice. Really. It's not right.

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