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March 08, 2010


Jen Hall

Hello, my dear!
At first, I felt bad when I realized I'd completely missed International Women's Day yesterday. Then, I decided that perhaps I'd been celebrating it anyway, in my own way, by being at work & helping women deliver their babies.
Such great links & tidbits you've shared! Can you do your own version of "Morning Walk in Bangkok"? Please? You could set out from Sapo Land w/ camera in hand & show us what you see each morning. Then you & Noah could create an awesome soundtrack for your pics.
Miss you mucho!


Thanks, Leigh! I missed posting on Collazo Projects, but am going to dig up some photos of women from our travel and get them online today-- as Francisco says, "Every day should be women's day!"


Thanks for the shout-out, Leigh! Wish I had known more about the day in advance. I thought maybe I'd share a little personal experience with you, if you haven't read it already:


If there's one defining moment in my life that made me think about my position as a female differently, it'd be that one.

Leigh Shulman

Tell Francisco, every day already is Women's Day. Of course, the definition of what that means isn't always what we want to hear.

Can't wait to see your photos.

Leigh Shulman

Thank you for posting the link to this here. It is an amazing piece on so many levels. I left a comment on your site but will say here again that it took a lot of courage not just to post it, but to write it.

Leigh Shulman

You most definitely celebrate it every single day of your life. Well, ok, 4 days a week. But I bet that's more than most of us can say.

People have been asking us a lot these days to show us more about where we live and what we do. And the question "Why Salta?" has popped up over and over in this week alone.

We'll have to do something. My first thought is to give Lila the camera, but then you may see many close-ups of feet which is lovely, but not quite a tour.

Miss you too!


Thanks Leigh! Unfortunately it's something I won't publish for a long while yet, at least when it's not so fresh in everyone's mind. I didn't get your comment, unfortunately. Do believe my site is a little wonky.


I agree that Everyday is Women's day. Thanks Leigh for including me.. I am so honored!

Leigh Shulman

Of course!

The work you and your family do is so inspiring. It was interesting to see a small piece of your life in that way.


This is a bit belated (internet was wonky on boat), but thanks so much for including our piece in your story. I choked up when I read your commentary about me being a woman of the world. The women we have met on our journey have inspired me, humbled me and pushed me to give more with my life.

Leigh Shulman

As soon as I saw your photo essay, I thought it was the perfect way to mark women's day. So instead of reinventing a perfectly working wheel, what better way that to pass your photos along.

That was literally the first thing I thought when I saw your first photo. That and beautiful!

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