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March 15, 2010



Leigh, you made me laugh so much... Word by word is exactly the way people drive in Salta. Don't let your insurance company know that you are living here! However, one of the first times I saw you and Noah at school, leaving the car on the second parking lane, I instantly thought: "You're learning fast enough how to drive in Salta!". Regards.

Leigh Shulman

So glad you found this funny! I think because it's so true. It's good advice that would be bad advice anywhere else in the world. (Maybe!)

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I agree to what you've said that drivers frequently do ignore traffic laws and vehicles often travel at excessive speeds. That is why lots of vehicular accidents today was because of speeding. Violating traffic laws is really a reckless manner. Hope government official do imposed these laws strictly.



Just finished a week-long road trip beginning and ending in Salta. We read your post with great apprehension before we picked up the car (and it was the first time we ever drove a manual other than a 1 hr lesson in Brooklyn, actually), but having just dropped off the car and living through it we were laughing at how spot on your post was.

Ric in AZ

Sounds an awful lot like driving in and around Naples, Italy, where I had the pleasure of living for a year and a half. It was an adventure. I thought it great fun to drive there. My mom came to visit it and white knuckled it the whole drive to and from Pompeii.

Fun as it was, practically every car there had some minor dents of some sort. Practically inescapable. There, right of way seemed to be whoever got the nose of their car in first.

I'm researching moving to Salta. Wondering what renting a furnished house or apartment will cost me.

Leigh Shulman

Scary, Dave. Isn't it?

Somehow, I'm not petrified when driving here anymore. It's only taken two years.

How was your trip, btw?

Leigh Shulman

So true, Ric. Italy is exactly what it's like, although I'd be willing to say a large city in that country might be even more hectic by simple virtue of there being more cars, people and all the rest.

But the only other place that compares was Rome. I remember looking for parking near the Coloseum. Finally finding a tiny space on the sidewalk that we sort of squeezed into sideways. And nothing. Not a ticket. Even with a few police standing half a block away eating ice cream, no one seemed to mind.

There is a lot of Italian influence here. Maybe the driving thing is part of it?

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Ironically, the good advice ain't so good in other places. Interesting anecdote.

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