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March 26, 2010



Ahhhhh, Leigh. This is so much better than just a list of #FF in Twitter. It's manageable and your explanations really highlight what can be wonderful about Twitter. Makes me feel like by following these guys, I'll finally learn how to use Twitter. I'm pretty lame and often totally forget about it. Thanks!

Nancy Harder

Cool list. Can't wait to add some of these people. I only knew one of them!


Leigh, thanks so kindly for including me in your wonderful Follow Friday list of Twitterers! I'm always looking out for you and your tweets on Twitter!

Actually, the blog address is http://www.TravelingGreener.com with a "greener". The "travelinggreen.com" domain was already taken and "greener" better reflects the blog.

Thanks again! Love your blog - I just tried to sign up for the newsletter!

Leigh Shulman

What a compliment, Angela. Thanks!

If you ever want to know anything else about Twitter. Feel free to ask. I certainly don't know everything, but I can point you in the direction of people who have done some really cool things.

Leigh Shulman

Which one did you already know? (I'm guessing Pam)

Leigh Shulman

Thank you so much, Sonya. And I apologize for the mistake. I've corrected it already.

Heather Carreiro

Great list Leigh! I think I'm becoming addicted to Twitter now that I'm getting the hang of it...

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