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February 15, 2010



We just learned about Argentine pharmacies giving shots today. It's pretty great how you can get vaccinated without having to spend a fortune. We still had to go to a vaccination clinic for a couple of the travel vaccinations we needed, but that was also quick and easy. The receptionist even went out of her way to call a travel specialist to make sure we didn't need any other vaccinations. Quite a good experience.

Leigh Shulman

Thanks for sharing your experience, Audrey.

I often find it daunting dealing with healthcare in other countries. You don't know their regular procedures. You don't know if the general healthcare philosophy jives with your own. Even if you speak the language, you may not know the particular terms needed to express your concerns.

But yes, it has been a good experience here in Salta.

I'm not the biggest fan of the American medical system. It's overcrowded and rewards doctors for not listening to patients. Although I do admit, my view is probably skewed because most of my experience has been in NYC.

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