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December 04, 2009


Charles Conlan

Sounds like a proud mama to me.


It really is exciting when they start to communicate through writing. Another future blogger!


Love it!! It is the best! She is the best! We miss her!


It is a remarkable udder and expression.

Leigh Shulman

It is really amazing to me how much she's grown up. Lila's shown interest in writing -- yes copying me -- for a long time, but until now it's been squiggles on a page.

This is the first time she came to show me a fully sounded out sentence. It's like it happened overnight.

Leigh Shulman

Part of me wonders if I should, as the parent, focus more on the writing and learning process. But really, for me, it's all about the cow.

You mentioned in your e-mail that the cow reminded you of http://explodingdog.com/. Yep! And now I have a new website to add to my list.


This is a big step for her, when they move away from invented spelling to phonetic it's like the dam bursts and the world is hers to write. And I love the cow.

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