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December 28, 2009


C. Russo

You've discovered Family Guy huh? That clip was pretty funny too. She definitely told the lord who's boss...it's interesting how so many people enjoy Family Guy. A great cartoon in an age where cartoons pretty much suck, in my personal opinion.

Leigh Shulman

What gets me is when I first, first saw Family Guy, probably during the first season or so, I hate it. Found it entirely distasteful.

Somehow distaste has turned to brilliance.

But Consuela is the best. She's up there with Stewie in my book, possibly higher in my own personal Family Guy hierarchy.


Hahaha, I loved Family Guy at first, then hated it when they insulted Canada...and now I love it again. My favorite is Ollie the weather forecaster. He gets me every time.


Consuela for president!

Leigh Shulman

Damn skippy! I'd vote for her.

Kevin Revolinski

Bartleby: "I'd prefer not to." Classic.


I love Family Guy. It never fails to tickle my funny bone. Often, too much.

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