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November 25, 2009


Susanna a.k.a. Cheap Like Me

I'll just say amen, and I'm in a different place, yet with you.

Daniel Nahabedian

Your words kind of echo within me as I have left everything behind me to go wandering around the world for the past 3 months now.
I am still wondering sometimes what I am doing really. The easy answer is: Follow my dreams! Travel and become a photographer!
But many times I wonder if I am just not simply running away from something. From failures. How can you really fail when you are just traveling around?
Now I reached a point where I feel useless, and want to do something that would make me grow, that would actually make me move towards what I planned, my dreams.

I sometimes want to settle down, then again, I want to continue.. It's time to sit and think about my path now!

Thank you for the beautiful post!



We've already discussed this, but yeah, definitely in the same boat as you. Then there's the guilt that accompanies being so restless, because I have everything going for me, but I'm not where I want to be. But anyway, I think just realizing a shift in thought is needed is probably the most important thing in all this, and then taking action.


I think we all have times in our lives when we wonder "is it enough". We feel guilty because we have so much but yet want more. Or we want to slow down but feel like we should be doing more. I think if we didn't feel this way we would not grow. We always have challenges we need to face. We must face them head on if we are to go anywhere. You are not alone. We all have these feelings at times. The best thing to do is reach & share like you always do. (((HUGS))) Happy Thanksgiving to you, Noah & Lila!

Charles Conlan

We remember the feeling as chemistry.
The spirit is stronger...
Tomorrow, brings a new life.
Blessed Thanksgiving to you and all.

Leigh Shulman

That is really beautiful. Thank you for that, Charles. Blessing and all good things to you and yours as well.


the wondering spirit, the dissatisfaction with what we have...or have not...the constant searching, envy (unconsciously) for things material or otherwise others have...

unless and until the being has a purpose...the being will always be wanting...

i remember when i prepared for Charity Bike Ride to Vietnam...when 7 months before the event, i had 'purpose' and that was to train for the ride and also to raise valuable funds for cancer-care...

this 'purpose' drove me to do the things 'i had to do' and nothing was too inconvenient or painful...

i had purpose

another very similar occasion occurred when i signed up for the London to Paris Bike ride...again for charity...i had 'purpose'

when we are needed at work or at home...we have 'purpose'

when we do not have purpose...we crave to fill that vacuum...

a Purpose Driven Life where we clearly see our fit in the overall scheme of things...gives us the sense of belonging...a need...

we are then fulfilled...

we are assured of our future...we know what we need to do...

we have purpose...

ps.even if we wandered AFTER we have ascertained our Purpose Drive Lifes...we KNOW there is a purpose to it...

C. Russo

"To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often." - Winston Churchill

Great post Leigh and it's wonderful to see that you share your deep, sincere, honest feelings and other people do the same on the comments section. Definitely helps to see others are also experiencing the same or something similar and that you aren't alone in the largest small world out there.

Us, as humans, are always either happy with what we have or upset at what we don't. I guess it's like you say, we have to learn how to be happy at the moment and then switch our mentality when the time calls for it.

gold mailer

We all do come across crossroads in our lives. And we need to make that ultimate choice where lead our lives. To know if we made the right choice or not, we need to view our lives from the "top" to see it wholly.

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