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November 04, 2009


Amy @ The Q Family

I am a newbie Atlanta transplant and I have to say so far we enjoy what Atlanta has to offer especially family with kids. The High Museum is one of our favorite place to visit in Midtown and we are not even into Art that much. :) I have to make sure we visit the Moore exhibition before they leave.


I have never stopped in Atlanta, but have only been through it. I have to say though that we should all check out our local museums as they are a treat that many never even think to enjoy. There is so much to see in every part of the world if we would only look around.
I have never heard of Henry Moore, but his art sounds so interesting that I have to look into it.
Thank you for sharing & enjoy your next visit!!!


I hope you get a chance to visit. Where did you move from?




Glad that you are interested in Moore. Check out http://www.artcyclopedia.com/artists/moore_henry.html
for a list of galleries and museums that show his work. Maybe you are close to one?

Yes. Local museums are an invaluable cultural resource and it behooves all of us to support them.



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