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October 02, 2009



OK, this is totally being bookmarked for my next NY trip. The only thing NY doesn't have, honestly, is a really, really good burrito. If you have that craving, grab a flight to San Francisco, and go to any place within 2 blocks of anywhere. Mmmmmm.

Leigh Shulman

I've only heard how good California burritos are. Never had the opportunity to try one. I've spent such a small amount of time on the West Coast US.

But I can say, The Hat, also called El Sombero in the East Village has amazing margaritas. You definitely have to go for their standard, tequila and lime, not frozen. It comes by the pitcher, and after drinking a few glasses, I do seem to remember the burritos being really good.

Bay Area Wedding Photographer, Amanda

Nice !! I love getting the run down of where people like to eat. Thanks!

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