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September 29, 2009



I love this, Leigh-- I always like to know what's in people's bags. I have a Baggallini bag that has held up for more than a year as a day bag/carry on/laptop gear bag and here's what you'll always find in there:

-Moleskine notebooks of various sizes
-a rather impressive collection of hotel pens
-a sarong, which I don't use as a sarong but as a blanket on flights


What a fun piece Leigh! I'm hoping the string cheese didn't make the cut for final inclusion in the packing though.

Leigh Shulman

Ah, yes, moleskine. Every traveler's bag should have one.

I also love hearing what people have in their bags. Thanks for sharing yours. I hope other people reading this will do the same.

Leigh Shulman

No, no string cheese. I had to leave room for another things. Maybe a half chewed empanada or alfajor.


I have baby snacks and two journals, one big enough for scribbling notes and another larger one for doodles and quick drawings of ideas...(I don't actually draw, just doodle). I also have my iPod and my Nikon Instant just in case I see something I want to come back to shoot. Sort of how I used Polaroids in the past for my film. I have a couple of zipties (you never know) and I always keep $5 in quarters. I also keep a couple of matchbox cars for B when he's getting ansy someplace and tictacs, cherry. I have in the past found various food items, including the string cheese, but am getting better at checking my bag when I've been out. Oh and I also carry hand sanitizer just in case there's no washing facility along with a few diapers and small wipes container. I guess I should include a pair of undies for me as well. Hope all is well with you!

C. Russo

Interesting post Leigh, definitely funny how the string cheese was festering there. But yea, I think a person's bag, or what they keep in it rather, says a lot about them and their travels. I always have books and moleskine notebooks (your right, they are a traveler's close friend, lol) along with my laptop in mine.

BTW, looking forward to all the other things you have left to uncover. I'm sure you'll keep us all up-to-date!

Cuidate! Saludos a la familia.

Leigh Shulman

Hi Laura,

Funny how zipties are a staple for you. I just found them by mistake. I think mothers (and even more so grandmothers) are the McGyver's of life.

Yes, things are well with me, although unbelievably hectic. Lots of new stuff. Looking for a new place to live here. Lila just got her first ever homework assignment today. And then there are those new projects I've been talking about. (They're still a bit too new and uncertain to talk about yet. But hopefully soon.)

How are you doing?

Leigh Shulman

It still amazes me that laptops are now actually small enough to fit comfortably in a bag you can carry. Maybe it's just me being thankful I don't have to carry a 20 lbs bag anymore (including all my books, laptop and everything else).

I happened to find this three set of red, unlined Moleskines for something like 15 dollars in Atlanta. They're not thick, thick, but certainly enough to keep busy for a while. We all have one now.

And of course, I'm also looking forward to hearing more about your plans.

Janet File

Wow, quite frugal, but soooo random! I bet a lot of backpackers would wish they could pack like that! Anyway, where else have you been to? With that skill, you could be spared from any overweight if you go abroad.

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