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August 10, 2009



What a beautiful setting to talk about God at. I have a seven-year old at home and I know I've had a hard time answering his questions about religion when they come up. And the questions always come up when you least expect it. I know I've made it a little goal of mine to read about and think of some good ways to talk to my son about God in the next year, because at his age, the questions will just keep on coming.


Thanks for reminding me that I only had 5 min. left to daven mincha.

Is the issue here religion as a set of beliefs, how & why people react to and incorporate religion into their lives, or the messiah?

Leigh Shulman

It's more a matter of how to put these things into language. All these things have such different meanings to different people. And too often, the word loses meaning once you start explaining it. I know, a funny thing for a writer to say, but there it is.

I suppose silent meditation works so well for many because it can't be broken down and reconstructed. At least, you shouldn't be able to.

Reluctant Housewife

Those conversations can be difficult. My son was told about God by a friend at school. We're not religious and it was still difficult to explain. I didn't want to force belief on him but I also didn't want to force my lack of belief. It's a bit of a difficult balance for me to find.

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