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August 05, 2009



While I really like Lila's Watch, I think the Popcorn Carnival one speaks more to the life you lead (at least, from what I know about you through your blog). I left my vote on your survey. :)

Great idea to create a postcard for Burning Man!

Leigh Shulman

It's funny, Joanna. While I love this photo, I wasn't sure it represented us as a family, as travelers, etc.

I'm so glad I decided to post this to a vote. It's definitely given me perspective I wouldn't have found otherwise.

So far in in the voting the Popcorn one, Shadows in the Desert and the San Pedro Church are the top three choices.

Barbara Martin (@Reptitude)

I vote Ruins or Shadows. Or a split run?


I voted for Shadows in the Desert. It shows your travels but has a personal touch to it with your shadow. Your shadow extends far as do your family's travels.


I think the best image is the one of the church, but the one that most speaks to you and your traveling family is the shadow in the desert.

John Brennan

hey! i think the church is the most interesting.. at first glance i thought the room was floating! but the shadows is interesting.. leave no trace.. travel amongst the winds.. very evolution.. to shadows we return =)

can't wait to see ya at BM this yr! we're at the disori9nt camp this year.

Leigh Shulman

I think we may well do a split run. As of Sunday (August 10), I think our Burning Man card will be the number on choice from the survey, the church in San Pedro. Then we'll do a separate card for What Lila Sees -- http://thefutureisred.typepad.com/onedayatatime/2009/06/what-lila-sees-photography-from-a-fiveyearold.html -- using the popcorn.

Also, we may do the minicards too. Thanks for the tip on that.

Leigh Shulman

I like that. Shadows is coming in second choice of all the photos. We're thinking we'll use it for smaller cards.

Leigh Shulman

Thanks, John. Can't wait to see you too!


I voted for the picture of Lila sleeping because that's the first picture I noticed when I first came to the blog, and it really stood out. But I also like the first night/church pic. and that one looks a bit more business-whatever that is :)

judy greenwald

I'm for the shadows in the desert. I love Noah's pic of the church, very artistic and would make a great picture for on the wall...but something about the shadows says more about you personally and you as a family. and it seems to fit better with the burning man theme. just my two cents. shadows it should be...the church is more slick, more stylized. it should be a business card or piece of artwork.

Leigh Shulman

Hey Judy. Thanks for your insight. I want our business postcard to have that artistic, interesting quality that will make people actually use it as a postcard.

So perhaps it's looking like we'll have a regular business postcard (the church). One for What Lila Sees (popcorn) and then maybe something separate and smaller for Burning Man.

We're going to talk to printers tomorrow and will find out what the possibilities are bf making a decision.

Btw, it's been a while. How the hell are you? xoL

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