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July 03, 2009


David Spencer

I don't dislike #followfriday, I just think the only meaningful mentions are those that explain why I should care. A list of 10 people tells me nothing, but one that says "Funny but soulful commentary on life" or something like that will get me to click through.

I tend to treat mass #followfriday lists as spam, which means it gets ignored (and if it gets noisy enough it means I drop the source of the spam).

Leigh Shulman

Hi David,

Yes, I think many people agree with you, and that is exactly the reason why I am conflicted to ever send out spammy type lists. That's why I keep mine to a minimum. Only once every month or so.

The rest of the time, I make sure to keep my lists short and give a real reason to follow.

Still, I also want a way to thank those who do mention me. I hope I've found a good balance between the two.

Fog and Thistle

Aw, thanks for the mention in your blog Leigh. I used #followfriday to repeatedly plug my favorite twitter gals including you. That way people who are newly following me may get to follow the best Twitter has to offer, imo.

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