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June 13, 2009



I'm drooling here over your egg sandwich (I did not have a breakfast yet). I'm on my way to Brooklyn as we speak. Who cares if it's eight hour drive? ;o)


I am not sure if I am hungry or horney. You have to love food porn. I cannot wait to check out that site. That egg dish looked amazing.


Hi Leigh,
Your post made me hungry...I've been hungry since beginning to read posts earlier...I've had lunch...but the hunger will not go away! I'll have to take a walk or a cold shower after reading your post!

All this food sounds great!! I didn't know that empanadas weren't supposed to be sweet! All the ones I've seen in the US were more like apple pies or struedal! Always a great thing to learn something new!

I've learned alot from surfing all the blogs in WBSD...great reading and traveling!

Have a great day,
Sher :0)


Meow! I would love an empanada filled with tuna, pretty please. My Mommy used to live in Spain and told me a lot about the great seafood there! Your post made me hungry again, I think I'll take a break from surfing and have a bite myself, see ya!
Oscar, the Expat Cat

Leigh Shulman

Dude, I will so join you on a road trip to Brooklyn for an egg sandwich. I've roadtripped for worse reasons.

Leigh Shulman

I know! These WBSD posts are making me want to eat and eat, particularly Thai food (of which there is none in Salta that I know of).

And yes, empanadas are very serious business in Salta. In all of Argentina, for that matter. Every region has it's own variety. And everyone says their's is the best.

I've also learned a lot from these food posts. Such a wonderful idea WBSD is.

Leigh Shulman

Doesn't it? I have to remember to mosey on over to Flickr and thank they guy who took it. It is exactly what I crave over here in the land of coffee and sugar packets for breakfast. :)

Leigh Shulman

Hmmm Oscar, you made me realize something. I'm not sure why tuna would be such a popular filling here. THere's very little water and none of the small streams and man-made lakes contain tuna. I guess cans go a long way.

Meow to you too. I think i was a cat in a former life.


Can't wait to go to Argentina and check out their empanadas. Love them. Corinne


Life sounds good to me in Argentina. Nice posting about food!
Will spend some time there this fall.!


These pictures are so appetizing! These pancakes would drive any red-blooded woman wild, and possibly a few men too.

Your post was both informative and lovely Leigh, thank you so much!


Romancing Italy

Pancakes do not exist here in Italy. Not that I used to love them when I was in the States, but when you don't have something, suddenly you crave it.

I agree with the mix of cheese and sweet things. I tasted that combination for the first time here in Italy and love it.

And since my own honey just went to Argentina for the week, I gobbled up what you wrote if only to feel like I was there with him for a moment.


The empanadas remind me of Cornish pasties which have a savoury meat filling.Great pictures!


I had just eaten my breakfast; but reading your post and seeing that pancake makes me hungry! I want to try those empanadas too :)

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