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April 06, 2009


Fog and Thistle

Leigh, you made me itch! But you also gave me great info to file away in the back of my mind should I, eeek!, ever need it!

judy greenwald

leigh, thanks--i SWEAR i can feel something slithering around on my scalp....(btw, i could post--yay! it worked this time...too late for me to get any cookies though:(


actually, in clinical studies, cinnamon leaf essential oil and oregano oil work the best! THey are very caustic, and actually dissolve the bodies of lice and fleas. Plus, you'll smell delish!


Piojos… your right it does sound better in Spanish (lol). It’s good to hear you are always prepared for whatever traveling may bring. It’s also a story for the books. When Lila is older and maybe (hopefully not) gets her own set of piojos you can share your hair wrapped in a plastic bag cleaning day story.

bad credit surety bonds

Thanks for the info. My daughter has these crawling on her hair. It's a very pesky problem.


my friend have these creepy little pest and i always borrow her comb! when i feel something itchy on my head its a pest :/. thanks for the info ^^

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