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March 23, 2009


Internet Strategist

To me the tangible product bloggers can provide is wisdom. We can research all the options, gather the opinions of many, locate the reviews, compare the available sourses and prices, and then summarize what we have learned.

In doing this we offer our readers the one thing they can not buy more of: their time.

The missing element that would make blogging self-supporting is the appreciation of the value of saving our readers TIME.

Instead of complaining about blogs which provide HONEST opinions and ethically offer products, they would welcome our sharing what we have researched with them.

I've been surveying bloggers and asking what they are doing about monetizing. You can participate in the survey and view the results at the link in this comment.


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Interesting take on this whole information age phenomenon. I think the blogosphere and social media offer content. Sometimes informational, sometimes entertaining - just the way old media like TV stations, newspapers, etc. offer content. It is this content (or information) that requires people's attention (the eyeballs and clicks you mention).

The business model is the same - provide content for advertisers to use to attract customers. Its just that it's not only the old media giants who offer the content. Now, anybody can and that is the true power of the information age.

Leigh Shulman

That anyone can do it is perhaps part of the problem (if there is a problem.) At some point, there is bound to be a saturation point, no?

Look at how travel blogging, for example, has bloomed and then overgrown in the past year alone. True, anyone can do it, but only a small percentage will do it well. And an even smaller percentage will be paid or get attention. There's simply not enough to go around for everyone.

That said, I, of course, will continue on Twitter, FB, blogging and all the other social media outlets because I enjoy it and it works for me.

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