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March 20, 2009


Raymond Adams

Happy Birthday! I've never heard this before, but it's a beautiful gesture. The Native Americans were very sophisticated.
I've always thought that we should celebrate our Mothers on our own birthdays. They did all the work that day!

 Cicada Studio

Happy Birthday! I'd ask you to cancel my doctor's appt for me, but seeing as it will take so much time to find the number, I may as well do the deed myself.

Tia Singh @TiaSparkles

What a lovely way to celebrate :) In Southern parts of India, people celebrate the mother too and esp on weddings - the parents get the gifts! After all what did we do, we had to be pushed out into the world, lol. Have a wonderful day xx


What a fabulous birthday idea...I'll think I'll do it for my own mom this year. Have not only a wonderful day, but may your birthday last the rest of the month!

Leigh Shulman

Tia and Raymond: I totally agree! We should celebrate our mothers on our birthdays. It's sort of a nice shake up to give when we're used to getting. It definitely made for an enjoyable birthday here.

And hearing from all of you through Twitter, Facebook and here most definitely made my day.

Melanie: We have a tradition that we celebrate one day of birthday for every decade you've been alive. Thus, you celebrate aging. Why not, right?

Jennifer Fong

Happy birthday!!! Love the idea of helping others. Thanks for sharing.


What a nice idea. I saw you on twitter, and thought I would stop in and check out your blog. The old saying is true that it is better to give than to receive! Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday Leigh! I know you not for a long time, but enough to feel that you give your heart in everything you do for your family and friends. So, you celebrate your birthday every day. I hope you spend a beautiful day today.

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