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March 06, 2009



Leigh, thanks so much for posting all this great insight for traveling with families. You are an inspiration! I'm leaving for Argentina in 3 weeks. Me, my husband, and 1 year old son, Jude. I'll leave another comment after we've couch surfed...
Also, check out notify.me. I set it up to text me when your blog is updated. That's how I knew right away about this latest post. -amanda


Hi Leigh,
great post! Thanks for explaining the whole project so well. I'm aware of the need for a "Familyfriendly" button and I've shared that with more people on the project. Let's hope they will take it into account soon enough, as it shouldn't be too hard to program.



Great text! When I can find a moment I will post some of our adventures with CS.

Troy Becker

We are a couchsurfing young family, and in addition to what Leigh wrote, I want to add that a great aspect of couchsurfing is not only the traveling, but also the hosting. In this way, our young tots meet great people from around the world.

Leigh Shulman

Amanda: I will definitely check it out. How are your travel plans coming alone?

I´d also like to add that I met Martine at Tom´s house in Brugges. She is a lovely woman and also, from what I saw, vital to the Belgian CS community.

Alwin is one of the moderators of the Families Welcome group on CS as well as being a highly experienced host and surfers. I look forward to hearing more of your stories!

Troy: You are absolutely correct. The majority of our experience has been surfing other´s couches, so I wrote more about that. I´d love to hear some examples from your experience.

Kickass Adventuring with Kids

Wow....I always assumed couch surfing was out of the question for families, but maybe not huh? I still remain doubtful for us, with three kids under the age of 6, but I guess I should explore further before closing the door.
Thanks for the article!

Leigh Shulman

I'm thinking this article could use a bit of updating as well. Will start working on a new one with additional information soon.

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