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March 17, 2009


Fog and Thistle

Sorry to hear you guys have been sick!

You bring up something I have been giving much thought this past week, separation from work and home life. I started thinking about it last weekend when I went out of town and really was able to shut down for a few days. This week I was working on answers to a blog interview about mothers working at home running their own business. One of the questions was "how do you separate biz from work" and I was forced to admit to myself that I do a very poor job. Even as I am "living" life, I often and mentally writing a blog post about it. I really like your idea of assigning set days to just SHUT down and live in the moment.

Great post! Thanks for the shout out!

 Cicada Studio

Great post- I can really relate.

Lisa B

Here is what my meditation teacher would say: Don't try to stop your thoughts. Your mind is doing what a mind naturally does, thinking. But you are not your mind, your ego, attached to all these thoughts. You are pure consciousness, detached, discerning, and you can watch these thoughts go by and let go of them without losing the connection to this higher self.

When that happens, let me know, cuz I'm still working on inhale/exhale. I'm glad you're all feeling better.

C. Russo

Great post! As usual, you bring up things that I'm sure we ALL struggle with at time.

Personally, my mind races all day long. Everything I see & experience I remember. With all sorts of things roaming around in there; I usually write down my thoughts, ideas, and plans/to dos. I always have, if not my Blackberry, my moleskine notepad at arm's length. This helps me get things down on paper or BB and my mind gets to relax at night.

Look forward to all the new posts and all those wonder moments you experience!

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