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March 26, 2009



I've found that the third steps works well in the morning to get the day started off on the right note (a la morning pages from The Artist's Way). I've used this for weeks at a time to help get past writing blocks.

Thanks for the advice - wish I could take one of your writing class right now!


Thanks! These are some great ideas! I just started a blog myself & this will help. I love your blog. Your experiences traveling show that anyone can make their dreams come true!


"FIRST STEP: Banish the words Writer's Block"

So you do a POST on Writer's Block? Hmmm.


(That's what I'd suggest chanting, for an exorcism.)

Good luck with the nitpicking!


C. Russo

It's interesting how in my Creative Writing class this semester, we kept a journal where we completed your step three daily. The professor even gave us four or five 'rules' to follow in order to keep it raw, real, and unedited. It was truly a great experience and an exercise I will probably continue doing the rest of my life. It was fun and interesting reading back after writing non-stop.


Leigh, I agree with you on the first two, but I have to say I canNOT write without editing as I go. That's just the way I roll. In order to say the next thing, I have to edit what I said before, then edit upon it. It is a choppy process and I always marvel when it comes together and looks seamless, because it's just not.

There are those rare times when it does all flow and I edit afterwards, but often I stop to find the right word, because if I don't have it, I can't move on.

When I write by hand, I don't edit as much. But when I type, it is necessary to edit as I go.

Thanks for reading my post about how I see writer's block!


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