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March 30, 2009



Congratulations! It must really be a special place for you to decide to stay a year. What a wonderful adventure you & the family are going through. I really appreciate you sharing all of this with us. Thank you! Keep Writing!

Leigh Shulman

Thanks, Collete! Both for your wishes and the comments you leave.

I see when you say you've just started your blog, you mean really just. I'm honored to be listed on your blog roll between a Crotchety Old Man and a Rebellious Arab.


What a great article! As someone who often suffers from grouchiness due to the mundane routine - thank you for sharing a new perspective!


This is perhaps the most outstanding sentence I've read in a long time: "It's about rolling with the punches and not rolling your eyes." The reason I like it so much is that cliches are usually to be avoided in writing, but you've upended that by using it in a new and unexpected way that also contains a subtle gesture toward your larger theme. You rock! (Now let's roll....)

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