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February 15, 2009



The AOL story was incredibly inspiring and I look forward to the info this Friday!

Helen Stannard

I think I first saw the AOL article about you and your husband and daughter this summer and was glad to see it run again the other day. I'm just starting to really get into searching the web and blogging, etc...You asked for suggestions for topics, or perhaps you can just redirect me, but I am interested to know what you have to say for women traveling/working abroad solo. I have travelled in Europe and here in the states alone (not as extensively as I would like) but would like to hear more about such experiences in South America and elsewhere. I'm sure in your travels you have come across women going it alone?? I would like to hear more about this, although I enjoy reading all of your blog topics.

Leigh Shulman

E: Thanks for your comment and for reading. See you this Friday, then?

Helen: Great idea for a post! I hadn't thought of it, but I run across many solo-women travelers. Also, N and I try to travel separately as much as time allows. We each need our own time and space sometimes.


Fabulous! I love to see nomadic families getting some attention! As you know we are into our 3rd year of an open ended world tour as a family and I am passionate about wanting everyone to know that this is easier, cheaper and more enriching than most realize.

I don't think most people realize that travel is not expensive, certainly not slow travel which is the best kind that many yearn for, but maintaining stuff is. 70% of families dream of doing extended world travel, so this conversation in important!

We live large on 25K a year and although we have been to 4 continents & 29 countries so far, mostly we have been in Europe ( when the dollar was very low and gas high).

We have not done any couchsurfing yet, but find that luxurious, furnished off season rental homes by monthly rate and RVing can be very cheap along with living like a native.

We actually find we can travel the world for much cheaper than living at home while still living at a high standard. I think most do not realize this and more would like to know that in this economy.

I think people also worry about schooling with a little older child. Our child was 5 when we started and is now 8 and she has had the best possible education through our travels.

We do a combination of homeschooling year round in English, life as a field trip, local school in our 15th century village in southern Spain for a few months every winter for the last 3 ( consistent friends & deep immersion into her second language, culture, literature), and online things like John Hopkin's University's CTY classes and piano lessons in Spain via a webcam top teacher in Chicago. Even e-libraries are wonderful and so many great educational things online now.

You go girl! ;) Congrats!


The AOL story was inspiring -- glad to find your blog! Looking forward to anything you post on the particulars of the project: unexpected things, costs, fears and triumphs, etc. I'd like to take off, too, and really have no reason not to.

So for now, I'll be reading. Thanks.

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