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February 05, 2009



Oh yes! I totally get this. I miss Cheese Nips, which I never eat at home: http://matadortravel.com/travel-blog/mexico/novoarte/like-being-pregnant


Completely understand! I rarely eat peanut butter when I'm in the States, but if I find it in a store while we're traveling it's like I've won the lottery. When we found a Subway's in Beijing it was like we had found a 5* restaurant...and I never eat Subway at home. The brain works in mysterious ways.

This same feeling has hit me several times throughout our trip - can't say what triggers it or why it will suddenly disappear.

Leigh Shulman

I'm wondering if it has to do with the fact we may actually be settling in Salta for a while. It's easy to stay somewhere when you know you'll be leaving for a while.

And Audrey, how are you feeling now that you're about to head off on a new set of adventures in a new part of the world. Which, btw, even though Guatemala and Argentina are so far apart, I feel like we're that much closer to meeting in person.

Liz Lath

When my husband and I had our daughter, we traveled so much and we never left her home. We've been to Greece,(my in-laws live there)6 times, Florida 7 times, Bermuda,Canada, and
Israel with her.What has happened is that when you travel to so many places ,and have friends and family in some of these places ,we never really feel happy. If I'm in Italy with family ,I think of America, when I'm home I think Of Greece or Italy and wish I were there. The beauty of it all is that as long as you work and have the money, you can always go back.I think what you and your family did is wonderful and to this day my daughters suitcase is always packed and ready to go.She's an amazing young woman now and I can tellyou that the togetherness and all that traveling did it.

Leigh Shulman

Liz: I agree. It has been wonderful spending all this time as a family. Had we stayed in NY, this would not have been the case, and I do think Lila has benefitted from our time together. Althought constant togetherness has its challenges as well.

I also think back to other places we´ve visited with a sense of longing. But it also reminds me to remember where I am and be happy in the moment. Because one day, I will probably look back at the now with longing as well.

Charles Conlan

Leigh, Noah and lila.
We have bought the same t-shirt....
It will pass and you will be longing for adventure again.
Take care.

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