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February 06, 2009


Internet Strategist

This is an awesome post! Thanks so much for sharing so many who inspire and teach on Twitter. I've shared it at FriendFeed and, having discovered some new Tweeters I had not come across so far, I'm sharing them too as #followfriday. I know I'll be adding their blogs at FriendFeed too.

Thank you for giving to the pay it forward concept.

Vicky Baker, goinglocaltravel.com

As someone who specialises in travel networking, I can't believe I chose to ignore Twitter for so long. It's like entering a whole new dimension. Fascinating. Albeit very time consuming!


TweetDeck helps... but when TweetDeck doesn't remind you what conversation you were in, there's other tools- like Tweettree.com - which show you which messages were in response to which. Twitter API really does track EVERYTHING. Quite amazing. Twitter is a superb tool though. As a couchsurfer, I find couches to crash with, interact with new people, find cool things to do in the areas I'm in, get answers to my questions, and get feedback on ideas. Twitter is a dangerous waster of time though.


The next time a person asks me about Twitter - the why and how people use it - I'm going to refer them to this post. It's great.

As we start traveling again, I'm wondering how our Twitter usage will change - from just updating people as to where we are and what we're doing to using it to gather/share information and advice.

I do hope we have a chance to meet in person...I'll tweet you when we are Argentina-bound!

Leigh Shulman

I wish I´d been using it the entire time traveling. It would have been great to just send out a little thing here and there with a website. Such a great diary (for us too) of the things we´ve done. So it goes. Onwards. Now I know.


Aww! Thanks for including me! I really like your description of Twitter as a 24 hour cocktail party--of really fascinating people! And you're one of them.


I still don't get it.

Lanora Mueller

Thanks for this supremely useful review of Twitter... and for recommending some great Tweeple to follow.

Nancy D. Brown

I intend to pass this along to my Twitter newbie friends. Twitter can be a time drain, but I find it very useful as a travel writer. Not only do I connect with amazing travelers across the globe, I count on their first-hand travel recommendations.

In selecting who I'm going to follow, I look for interesting comments. I don't want to know that you went to Starbucks and met friends for coffee. I also click on the URL under the person's profile. If they don't have a website or blog, I usually don't follow.

How do you decide who you are going to follow?

Follow me @Nancydbrown

Leigh Shulman

Hey Nancy! Great to see you here.

How do I decide who to follow? That's a tough one. Since I'm just beginning, I'm probably a bit less discerning than say @mashable or @chrisbrogan. Very generally, I want to feel that the person/group I follow has something to give to the community in addition to a business/personal agenda of their own. I also look for people who write/do/think things that interest me.

I know that's broad. I think I need more time and experience on Twitter to make finer distinction. Hmmm... perhaps I feel another blog post coming on....

And I am most definitely following you! Travel bloggers/writers are always on my list of interest.

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