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January 03, 2009


Kate Sedgwick

I would say that the culture here is about taking things as they come. If you're busy talking to your friend, you might be late for work. No big deal. To those from more time constrictive cultures, conditioned to find this frustrating, it may be a little difficult to see that experiencing time rather than living by it is something that has its beauty and advantages.

Leigh Shulman

Yes, I totally agree. I love it here, and in fact, am looking forward to moving further out of the city to where I believe things slow down even more. It just takes getting used to.

Are you from CS, btw?


Just found your blog, and loving all these posts about my birthplace, making this transplanted California girl, a little homesick. So about time moving differently there, yep, pretty much. And about people waiting for the next big crash..it's part of the social psyche there or whatever you call it. The best way I can describe it is: when you have known so much instability, that is all you have learned to expect.

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