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October 23, 2008


Judy Greenwald

leigh, i've had to have internal sonograms done and it's the same thing--the tech asks YOU to insert the dildo-looking transducer. i understand that--you feel less violated and more in control that way and it cuts WAY down on the chance of liabilities. as for the colonic irrigation, it's just bullshit. if you want to cleanse your colon, just do a water fast for a couple days. good way to spiritually cleanse too and combined with yoga and meditation, can be a great break. detox, cleanse and renew. otherwise, your colon is SUPPOSED to be full of shit, since this last 6 feet of your GI system is for elimination. don't be freaked out by these weirdos--they really do believe in it and don't realize it can actually be harmful. meanwhile, just BREATHE, lol.


Maybe that needs to be my mantra when I go to yoga classes there. Ommm. Your colon is supposed to be full of shit. Ommmm. Great to hear from you again, btw. Looking forward to hearing about your latest travels.

Susanna a.k.a. Cheap Like Me

Thank you SO much for that visual. I love that the yoga teachers ARE the colon cleaners, er, colonic therapists. And I love that the digestive system in the cartoony graphic looks like it's wearing a jaunty beret.

Colon Hydrotherapy

I am sorry you were traumatized, but colonic irrigation is a great way to be healthy, even if the procedures turn a person off. Its amazing how a toxic colon can affect the mind and how much it clears it when its clean.

irrigation systems

its a very informative blog. i did not know much about colonic irrigation, but after reading this blog i am thankful to you for providing me such valuable information.

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