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October 01, 2008



I don't think you're a bad person. In fact, I totally agree with you. I like dogs but don't really understand what all the fuss is about. I have one friend who anthropomorphizes her dog to such an extent that she is losing the ability to coexist with her human friends.


someday you will realize that dogs are a heck of a lot better than humans.....for Cosby's allergies....he needs some relief....not medications....he must be miserable....have a little compassion....a different food for one thing could help....have the owner get some Solid Gold Hund-n-flocken....it cleared up our Golden's skin allergies....also for the first several months I supplemented her food with SeaMeal by Solid Gold....her skin and coat are beautiful...and itch free now with no hot spots....also if Cosby has fleas, one bite from one flea can cause an allergic reaction...flea bite dermititus...use a new medication once a month, Comfortis....it only took one pill for my dog....three months later fleas have not returned....next time you need some comfort...spend some time with a dog.....Cosby is in no shape to offer you anything right now....he needs serious love, attention and devotion to clearing up his skin and so his life as a wonderful creature of love.....

Cheap Like Me

Great post! Ugh, I have a small dog with allergies (and yes, medication helps him -- daily! Good grief!), and now an 85-pound dog who sometimes barks at people/dogs who bring themselves over to say hi when he does not want to say hi, and then they give me a look like "You vicious woman with the vicious dog!" Alas. I have not yet mustered a really loud "Keep walking please!"


Leigh, I'm so sorry and had no idea that you were having such troubles with Cosby; I could certainly have given you a whole primer on the meet n' greet etiquette and could have made other arrangements. (I usually find I don't have much to say to the owners either, btw; Cosby only gets 'aggressive' if the other dog is already throwing warning signs that you learn to spot.) More importantly, I'm even more sorry that staying with Cosby might have put you off dogs (especially as in the last post you just promised Lila a dog).

Here's the deal with Cosby: He's now off all medications except some natural glucosimine for his aging joints. He should probably have already been off when you watched him but the tech at the vet was not successful at communicating the Doctor's orders for when to stop the corticosteroids. His allergies WERE caused by fleas, which he apparently got when I used a mobile grooming van for the first and last time. The fleas were dealt with immediately and the corticosteroids were given in order to provide skin relief. We had him on other antihistamines before but they didn't seem to be working (probably b/c he was still being bitten by the fleas). It's partially my fault for not giving him any flea protection, but I just didn't think there would be much need for it unless we were going camping (I didn't like the idea of coating him with chemicals unless necessary - but the vet has now set me straight). He was on the corticosteroids before because of Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (according to the vet, this is a low platelet count), but that is under control. The corticosteroids upset his stomach, which is why he was on rice and edemame (he is a vegetarian and before anyone complains about a naturally omnivorous canine being denied meat, read this: http://www.helpinganimals.com/pdfs/Dog_Health_Survey.pdf). He didn't used to smell bad but the fleas causes his skin secretions to change, which is what made him smell a bit different. Now that they're gone, he's back to normal.

As for the poop. I can't argue that that's the worst part of dog ownership in the city or suburbs without a yard of one's own. I adopted Cosby while living in NYC after my mother's first cousin passed away in 2002. Everyone who meets him says that he's one of the best behaved dogs they've ever met. If using a bag is too close for comfort, there's always a scooper.


I'm not sure anything woudl make it better. At least the bag, you throw away at the end. A scoop comes home with you. I felt similarly about the kitty litter box.

Yes, it's just a part of animal ownership, but I think I'd like to find a place to live where there's a big wooded backyard for the dogs and cats to run free. I guess just add that onto my list.

I miss Buffalo. And you guys (Cosby included).

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