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July 31, 2008


Judy Greenwald

LOL. very nice, Leigh. hmmmm..420...time to burn, mexican friends..yea, it all fits:) Well, young lady! You've been quite prolific of late. Keep it up. And let me know when you are getting closer to b-lo. loveya!

Cheap Like Me

Now you need to head for Carhenge in Nebraska ...

Judy Greenwald

actually, a guy named eddie on my myspace profile went to carhenge on his motorcycle, southwestern trek--he has pics of it on his profile if you wanna see it, lol.

Melissa Manske

I love it, especially the warning sign. I definitely plan on seeing this!


hey...i was finally looking through your amazing blog...I live about 30 minutes outside the Natural Bridge in VA. small world and yet so large.

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