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April 24, 2008



You may be in an extraordinary place where jetskis are mannered, appropriate water vehicles for exploring coastlines and having fun. Generally speaking, though, in the U.S. watersports community they are considered...well...I'm actually at a loss for a term that isn't overly rude. (The consensus is that it isn't the jetski that's the problem, it's the rider...it's said that 95% of jetskiers ruin it for the other 5%. I'm betting you're with that 5%)

I keep thinking of all the jetski quotes I know...I REALLY can't type any of them here.

On the Coast Guard Noah is right. Had you come within a few hundred yards they'd have made it clear that they'd fire on you if you came much closer. It's an al Qaeda thing.

Leigh Shulman

Well, thank you Michael, for putting me in that good 5%!

That said, you're right, jetskiing can be problematic, not to mention expensive. It's amazing the wake such a tiny machine kicks up, and I'm better most who use them don't really know the rules of the waterways.

It was fun to try, but diving, kayaking, snorkeling are really more my speed.

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