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March 21, 2008


judy greenwald

wow! i think we have a pro here. from one "spackle queen" to another: nice job, Lila! Most kids get it all wrong but with a lighter touch, you'd have it down--it's all in the right places too. i'll never forget the time my middle son decided to try my mascara! i guess i'm kinda glad he got it all wrong, LOL


first HAPPY BIRTHDAY! second..back in the day brooklyn was very much an open door kind of place, growing up i was always in and out of neighbors houses and never coming home afterschool because of going to others; it changed when neighborhoods changed, people started locking doors and you had to ask before going places. it sounds like Lila is truly experiencing life (and though it is scary) will be a much more settled individual for all her freedom now.
and third- lila applies makeup better than me!


First and most importantly, I love your blog, thank you so much for sharing your adventures with us.
I grew up in Bklyn and what you describe is the Bklyn I know, just drop by, meet friends/neighbors randomly on the street/in the park/store, never made a playdate in my life when there (my husband, a suburban boy, always comments that whenever we visit bklyn I'm always running into someone I know) My family and friends are still there and where I grew up it's still like that. I think you said you lived in Park Slope, that neighborhood has changed so much, it's more Manhattan than Bklyn these days, could be part of the reason. I'm sorry you missed that.
Your daughter is beautiful and quite the talented artist already - thank her for sharing her pictures with us.

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